CIS 76 Extra Credit

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General Options

Any combination of the following can be done to earn extra credit up to the maximum amount shown on the Grades page:

  • Web site content review - The first person to email the instructor pointing out an error or typo on this website will get one point of extra credit for each unique error. The email must specify the specific document or web page, pinpoint the location of the error, and specify what the correction should be. Duplicate errors count as a single point. This does not apply to pre-published material that has been uploaded but not yet presented in class. (Up to 25 points total.)
  • Develop new Howtos - Investigate and develop a Howto on a new topic area you are interested in. At the Instructor's discretion and your permission, these Howtos will be published on this web site on the Resources page. Make a proposal first to the instructor on the topic area and to determine the amount of extra credit. Submissions must follow the format of the instructor's Howtos on the Resources web page and be web publishable. (Up to 20 points per Howto.)
  • Optional activities in lab assignments - Some of the lab assignments will have optional activities that can be worked for extra credit.
  • Lab assignments - Some courses may have one or more extra credit labs. Check the Calendar web page. (Point amount varies.)