Technology Sampler for CIS 192 Students

These are some of the network infrastructure technologies students will learn to install, configure and operate using UNIX/Linux computer systems:

  • Packet Forwarding - transfer incoming packets to another network
  • DHCP - provide network settings automatically for computers wanting to join the network
  • DNS - convert names like and to their actual IP addresses
  • PXE - hands-off automated OS and software installation of new "bare-metal" computers
  • Apache - serve up web pages with the world's most popular web server
  • SSH Tunneling - secure remote access to computers at home or the office
  • Routing Protocols - exchange routing information with other network routers
  • Firewalls - allow, block and modify incoming and outgoing network packets

To learn more, click on any of the buttons on the left panel to see a technology overview along with example configurations and commands.