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There are 6 steps to making your VMware server accessible from anywhere

Step 1 - Determine the IP address of your Virtual Machine

inet address

Step 2 - Download the PuTTY SSH client

PuTTY Download

Step 3 - Installation

The PuTTY program is a single executable that does not need to be installed. You can simply download it to your desktop and launch it from there. The first time your launch PuTTY, you might get a Security Warning about the publisher not being verified. It is safe to uncheck the checkbox that says "Always ask before opening this file".

PuTTY Checkbox

Step 4 - Configure Vitual Machine Connection Profile in PuTTY

Configure PuTTY Profile

Step 5 - Access your Virtual Machine

Click "Open" on the PuTTY configuration screen to access your VM. The first time you access your VMware server from any computer, you will see a PuTTY Security Alert. Click "Yes" to add the key to PuTTY's cache

PuTTY Key Alert

Step 6 - Login

At this point you will see a familiar login prompt

Login Prompt

Once logged in, you will have all the functionality of the VMware console, but you won't have to use ctrl - alt to jump in and out of the virtual Machine console.

Command Prompt